Hoya Wayetii Variegated Bloom, Care Guide, Flower Smell

Hoya Wayetii Variegated Bloom, Care Guide, Flower Smell
Hoya Wayetii Variegated Bloom

Hoya Wayetii is a cultivar of the Hoya Wayetii species, which is native to the Philippines. Hoya Wayetii Variegated is a stunning and highly sought-after houseplant known for its beautiful variegated leaves. This plant is a member of the Hoya family, which is known for its unique and striking foliage.

The Variegated Hoya Wayetii, also known as the Wax Flower or Porcelain Flower, is a beautiful and unique flowering plant. This succulent has dark green leaves with light pink and cream-colored stripes, making it a standout in any garden. The Variegated Hoya Wayetii is an easy plant to care for and is drought tolerant once it is established. It can be grown outdoors in zones 9 through 11, or indoors as a houseplant.

Variegated Hoya Wayetii
Hoya Wayetii

Hoya Wayetii Variegated Bloom

The flowers of Hoya Wayetii Variegated are known for their sweet and pleasant fragrance. The blooms are star-shaped and typically grow in clusters at the end of long stems. The flowers are usually white or pale pink in color and have a waxy texture.

The flowers of Hoya Wayetii Variegated are highly fragrant, but they may not bloom frequently. In some cases, it can take several years for a Hoya plant to produce its first bloom.

Hoya Wayetii Variegated Flower Smell

The fragrance of Hoya Wayetii flowers is indeed described as sweet, but it is often compared to the scent of honey or jasmine rather than butterscotch. Some people may detect different notes in the fragrance, such as vanilla or coconut, but in my experience, Hoya Wayetii flowers smell the same as honey or jasmine.

Hoya Wayetii Variegated Flower Smell
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Hoya Wayetii Variegated Care

The Variegated Hoya Wayetii is a relatively easy-to-care plant. The leaves will occasionally need to be wiped down to keep them looking their best. You can also prune the plant to keep it healthy and bushy.

Sunlight For Hoya Wayetii

  • So, when it comes to Hoya Wayetii Variegated, you want to make sure it gets enough light, but not too much. This plant likes bright, indirect light, which means it should be placed in a spot that’s well lit but not in direct sunlight. A north or east facing window is a great location for it.
  • If it’s not getting enough light, your plant might not grow as well and the variegation on its leaves might not be as visible. But if it’s getting too much direct sunlight, the leaves can burn and eventually fall off. So, it’s important to find the right balance of light for this plant.

How Much Water Required To Wayetii

Water your Hoya regularly, making sure to avoid getting the leaves wet, but it is important not to overwater the plant. Overwatering can lead to root rot, while underwatering will cause the plant to wilt.

  • The soil should be kept moist but not saturated, and it is recommended to water the plant when the top inch of the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • Use room temperature water and avoid using water that is too cold or hot, as this can shock the plant.
  • It is best to water your plant thoroughly, allowing excess water to drain out of the pot to prevent waterlogging.
  • During the winter months, the plant may need less frequent watering as it enters a period of dormancy.

Fertilizing Needs

Hoya Wayetii Variegated benefits from occasional fertilization during the growing season to support healthy growth and promote flowering.

  •  It is recommended to use a balanced liquid fertilizer with equal parts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • A 20-20-20 or 10-10-10 fertilizer can be used for this plant. Some popular brands of fertilizers for Hoya Wayetii Variegated include Miracle-Gro, Jack’s Classic, and Dyna-Gro.
  • I will prefer to use Organic fertilizers such as compost tea or fish emulsion can also be used to provide the plant with natural nutrients.

With proper care, your Hoya Wayetii variegated will thrive and produce beautiful, fragrant flowers. Be patient and enjoy your lovely Hoya!

Fast Growing and Caring Tips For Hoya Wayetii

While Hoya Wayetii is generally considered a slow-growing plant, there are a few tips that can help encourage faster growth:

  • Provide bright, indirect light: Hoya Wayetii prefers bright, indirect light. This will help the plant photosynthesize more efficiently and promote faster growth.
  • Maintain consistent temperatures: Hoya Wayetii grows best in a consistent temperature range between 60-80°F (16-27°C). Avoid exposing the plant to extreme temperature fluctuations, which can slow growth.
  • Water consistently: Hoya Wayetii prefers to be watered consistently, but it’s important not to overwater. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings, and be sure to use well-draining soil.
  • Fertilize regularly: Fertilizing your Hoya Wayetii every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer) can help provide the nutrients it needs to grow faster. Use a balanced fertilizer diluted to half-strength.
  • Provide support: As Hoya Wayetii grows, it will produce long, trailing vines that can benefit from support. Provide a trellis or stake for the plant to climb, or allow it to cascade down from a hanging basket.
  • Prune regularly: Pruning your Hoya Wayetii can help encourage new growth and prevent the plant from becoming too leggy. Remove any dead or damaged leaves or stems, and trim back any vines that are becoming too long.

I hope that by following these tips, you can help encourage faster growth in your Hoya Wayetii plant. However, keep in mind that Hoya Wayetii is a slow-growing plant by nature, so be patient and enjoy watching it grow at its own pace.

Hoya Wayetii Propagation Video

How To Propagate Hoya Wayetii Variegated

Propagating a Hoya Wayetii Variegated is actually pretty simple. The best method is to take a stem cutting of about 4-6 inches in length from a healthy and mature plant.

Once you’ve got your cutting, remove the leaves from the bottom few inches of the stem, and then place it in a pot with well draining potting mix or medium. You can also use a mixture of perlite, peat moss, sand, and orchid bark to prepare good draining soil.

After planting your cutting, water the soil with a shower and make sure to keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged. Also, keep the pot in a bright, shady area, until the cutting can grow and establish roots.

In a few weeks, you will see some new growth, which means your cutting has taken root and is starting to thrive. At that point, you can care for it just like you would care for a mature plant.

That’s all there is to it! Propagating Hoya Wayetii Variegated is a straightforward process that can be a fun and rewarding way to grow your plant collection.

Note: If you have any queries about the propagating method, feel free to ask me in the comment box.


What is the smell of Wayetii flower?

In my experience, Hoya Wayetii flowers smell compared to the scent of honey or jasmine.

Does Hoya Wayetii Grow Fast?

No, Hoya Wayetii is generally considered a slow-growing plant.

Is Hoya Kentiana and Wayetii the same?

No, Hoya Kentiana and Hoya Wayetii are two distinct species of plant within the Hoya genus. They have some distinct differences. Hoya Kentiana has thick, waxy, dark green leaves with prominent veins, while Hoya Wayetii has slender, elongated leaves with a red margin when exposed to sufficient sunlight. Additionally, Hoya Kentiana typically produces clusters of flowers with white or pale pink petals, while Hoya Wayetii may produce fragrant star-shaped flowers in white or pale pink.

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